Healing Emotional Pain and Trauma

with the

    Therapeutic Healing Process       

Do you recognize any of these:

  • Are you feeling down, and in lack of joy?
  • Are you longing to let go of emotional burdens and suffering?
  • Are you dreaming of having more energy for yourself and your family?
  • Are you in emotional pain for one reason or the other?
  • Do you suffer from traumatic events, resent or pasts?
  • Have you been diagnosed with PTSD, or do you suffer from PTSD symptoms?
  • Is hopelesness and powerlessness knocking on your door?
  • Are your problems directing your attention away from what and whom is most important to you?
  • Do you easily get angry, have you started to isolate yourself from others, are you burdened with guilt, or do you have a hard time to concentrate?
  • Are your thoughts, worries or truamatic memories in charge of your life?
  • Is your inner condition affecting your physical condition? For instance as pain, headaches, uneasiness, dizzyness.
  • Have you been told elsewhere, that you have to learn to live with your emotional pain, your anxity, your symptoms of trauma, or even with a cronic PTSD?
  • Are you longing for peace in your body and mind?

Then you have come to the right place. You are not alone, and together we can do something about it!

It only takes a short period of time to heal now!

Even though life can look totally impossible to overcome and hard to survive, I believe that it is possible to heal all the wounds, and to get a wonderful life with joy and peace. And the best part is, that it no longer requires years of therapy becaues of the techniques I use, combined with my experience and healing abilities!

Most people feel a big difference during and after the first session. And even deep and old stuff is healed over a short period of time.

Clients are saying

"In every session I felt my old traumas letting go - one by on!"
"I wanted so deeply that my problems would disappear, so I could get some relief and be able to relax again. After the session I was very tired, and the next days I felt that the concret situation I had been struggeling with no longer was an issue! And it still doesn't takes up space inside of me!"
"I am so happy finally having dealt with the roots of my problems"
"My self-hatred was very destructive, and now I am relieved! Like a spring cleaning in my thoughts" 

Let me introduce myself

My name is Annette Rosened Petersen, I am danish, living in Roskilde, the town of the oldest Vikings...
I am a Certified therapist in Energypsycology, Certified therapist in Breathwork and Personal development, Certified Stresscoach, and Certified Healer.
For more than 25 years I have helped people healing painful and stucked emotions, difficult thought-patterns and lifesituations, and others to be free from trauma and ptsd.
I also enjoy teaching. On my many workshops I have taught people techniques and ways to personal development and how to help yourself through difficult times.
I have worked with my own personal and spiritual development since I was 29. I have been through though times and traumatising experiences, and have recieved therapy of different kinds to deal with my wounds, emotional pain and trauma in life. And I know how fragile life can be. 
I have healed, and I love my life! And my life's purpose is now to walk with you, on YOUR path, back to a peaceful and happy life!

Healing blocks in the energybody

Emotional and mental suffering and pain, is a part of our life. Difficult things happen to all of us, and most times we can deal with it, and get on with our daily life feeling happy and free again. 
BUT, when we get stuck in the feelings, in the thoughts, or in the memories of the experiences, and perhaps get fysical symptoms of all kinds, we "just can't get over it" or "pull ourselfs together" or "work ourself throug it"!

And why is that?

We can do a lot of talk-therapy and use other fine and good methods, which perhaps can help us some of the way.
But when we have the experience of feeling stuck, or perhaps have had to live with "it" for years, then what most often is going on, is a block in the body's energysystem.

Together we can do something about it!


The Therapeutic Healing Process

All to many are told that they have to live the rest of their lives with what happend - with the emotional and mental pain caused by traumatic experiences, or with their PTSD, and different symptoms that follow.

And all too many are told, that the condition is a so called "cronic condition", and that there is no treatment.....

That is no longer the case!

Using TheTherapeutic Healing Process, we can release the blocks in the body's energysystem, and the energy can run freely again!
The emotional and mental pain is realeased, and the body begins to relax and starts is own healingprocess. In other words, the parasympatic nervoussystem relaxes, releases and finds it's way into balance.
Already in the first session we'll work deep, and you will experience a big and positive difference in your mind and body. And what you have healed will last.
With The Therapeutic Healing Process, no long periods of therapy is necessary, compared with a lot of other treatments! In that way you save time and money, and most importantly, you get well faster!

Clients are saying

"I am so happy that I finally found a way to heal my issues, a way that actually works"
"My thoughts about giving up are gone after the session"
"Now I know I can do something about my feelings that helps"
"The thoughts in my head are not messy anymore!"
" Annette creates a very unike and safe space, where it is easy to feel safe and to let go of the deepest pain - also the pain you find too ugly to show to the world!"


How does a session take place?

After a short guidet relaxation of the body, I introduce you to the method and teach you which accupressurepoints to hold during the session.
We have a conversation about the things you would like to work with and to heal. Then I guide you safely all the way through the process.
If you don't feel compfetbel talking about the things you want to work with, perhaps because it is to painfull to talk about, then don't worry! The process works perfectly fine also without any form of conversation.

Healing in coorporation

A session is a coorporation between you and me, and togehter we create the healing you long for.
You don't need any experience with therapy or healingwork.
The "Therapeutic Healing Process" is a holistic way to work with aspects of spirituallity, but is not religious in any kind of way.

A gentle, careful and safe way to heal.

With this process you can obtain deep improvements on al aspects of your life - Painful fealings, negative thought patterns, stress, trauma and PTSD is dissolved and healed gently and carefully.
At the same time it ensures that no retraumatising is taking place!
You probably will be surprised by the level of healing, and possitive effects on your life each session will give you!

We meet on Skype

No matter where in the world your are, I can help you! That's why we will meet on Skype.
To some it appears strange thinking about meeting up with their therapist online. And if that is the case for you, then I understand you fully. 

Never the less, my clients and I only have good experiences meeting up online for sessions.

The safety is in place, we can be fully present with each other, and your outcome is just as good and durable as if we were in the same room together.
In this way, you can sit in the comfort of your own home, and no transportation is necessary.
Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Get Skype on your pc, phone or tablet:


I survived and healed my own life too

Not only have I seen healing happening for my clients again and again in my more than 25 years of experience. But, I have also experienced the healing in my own life, on my own body, and in my own emotions!

I have walked the roads of healing myself. And I still do.

In my childhood and adolescence, I went through several experiences that traumaticed me, and made my life pritty hard for many, many years.
I lived with the concequences caused by these traumatic events for years, thinking that this was what life would be like for me. I had my ups and downs, and throughout the years I used a lot of energy just to keep myself going in life. When I look back I can see how excausting it was!
I know what it means to live in the dark night of the soul. And I know the courrage it takes to reach out for help to start doing the healingwork when it all looks totally impossible.
I have walked the way, healed the traumas and the emotional pain, and gained my inner freedom. And I know you can do it too, and you don't have to do it alone, I am with you every step of the way!

How does my story bennefit you?

With help from other loving therapists I not only survived, but I grow stronger! I found peace inside, and safety in my self.
I am more whole and balanced, and Iive life from my heart in joy and happinss. It is possible for you too!

During the healing process, I have become totally safe with my own emotions, no matter what they are and how I feel them in my body. Therefore I am also able to stay present with the people I work with, and to pass on the feeling of safety, no matter what is going on inside of them, and in their lifes.

Feeling safe is the most important thing when you whish to heal deep wounds and difficult stuff.

As a bonus of my personal work, my spritual development took a leap and started to grow faster.
I now function as a bridge between this world, and the world of beings helping with the healing, and we bennefit from that during the sessions.

I walk beside you on your path to healing, both as a human being, and as your therapist and healer. We do it together in coorporation!



You are free to choose between two options:


Option 1:

1 session:
1.200,- DKK (danish crowns)

Option 2:

3 sessions within a period of six weeks:
2.700,- DKK (danish crowns)

You save 900,- DKK



Each session has a duration for around 1 hour and 15 minuts, the first session often a little longer.

Terms of payment

Payment is due the same day you book your session.
If you choose the packet with 3 sessions, payment is due for the whole amount, on the same day you book the first of the three sessions.
Payment by PayPal.


If you get ill and have to cancel an appointment, this is what you will do:
Send a text to me on +45 51662682, or leave me a message on the voicemail, NO later than 12.00 PM (noon) CPH-time (Denmark), the day before your appointment.
In that case your session can be rescheduled!

If you cancel your appointment later than mentioned above, your session will not be rescheduled.

Please notice:

- Your cancellation can not be received by mail or any other ways than mentioned above.
- Amounts already paid will not be refunded.
- If I need to cancel an apointment, we will find a new time for you as quickly as possible, within a month. Is that not possible I will refund your paymant for the session in question.

Contact me for questions and sessions

Please feel free to send me an email if you consider working with me, or if you have any questions before you decide. Use this contactform, and I will return to you as soon as possible:-)